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Post-operative care after Extractions & Denture insert

It is important that the denture remains in place.

If, for some reason, your denture comes out, rinse the denture with running water, then gently rinse your mouth and insert the denture back into place.

After the first day, you can rinse your mouth moderately, three to four times a day, with luke-warm salty water. This will help the healing process, reduce swelling and pain and reduce the risk of infection.

It is important the denture is not left out for an extended time, as there could be swelling, which may prevent the denture fitting correctly.

Our surgery will contact you after your procedure to check on your progress, and arrange a Post-Operative appointment if you do not already have one.

Do not hesitate to phone our surgery on 07 5495 1270 if you have any concerns or questions regarding your new denture.