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General Anaesthetics and Sedation

Most dental work is conducted under a local anaesthetic, which is sufficient to numb the area but the patient remains awake and conscious. In some circumstances a general anaesthetic may be required, where the patient is completely unconscious during the entire procedure. A general anaesthetic is most often required in the following cases...

  • with procedures involving complex oral surgery
  • where the patient has any fear or anxiety related to dental treatment
  • with very young patients
  • with special needs patients
  • with large treatment plan cases

Caboolture Dental Group Anaesthetists

Our anaesthetists are medical specialists who are trained, qualified and experienced in administering anaesthetics. For over 30 years Caboolture Dental Group has worked with a small group of anaesthetists who come into the clinic for procedures requiring anaesthesia. All procedures needing a general anaesthetic take place in our specially appointed surgical rooms, and a registered nurse is present for all procedures. The practice also has weekly access to the facilities at Caboolture Private Hospital for those patients who require hospital care.

Gas inhalation sedation

Nitrous oxide (Happy Gas) can be used for most dental procedures. It is a quick acting sedative (normally within five minutes), administered via a nasal mask for the duration of the procedure.  It also has the advantage of a faster patient recovery.