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Dentures are also known as 'false teeth', and may be needed in a range of circumstances. Sometimes the original tooth or teeth have been damaged in an accident or as a result of injury (trauma), and in other cases the teeth may have been lost due to tooth decay or periodontal disease. Tooth defects can also be caused by other factors, such as severe malnutrition, or drug use and some genetic disorders.

Dentures are often fitted for cosmetic reasons, but they also play an important role in allowing food to be chewed and digested properly and in helping with speech. Leaving gaps in the gum when teeth fall out or are extracted can also cause longer term problems, as remaining teeth often shift into uneven and sometimes crooked positions.

There are different types of denture...

Full / complete denture sets

A full denture set completely replaces all of your own teeth. It can be simply an upper set, or a lower set, or both. A full denture also helps to retain the shape of the face, giving fuller cheeks and lips and a resulting healthier appearance.

Partial dentures

Where only one or a few teeth are missing, a partial denture can be attached to existing natural teeth with clasps. This not only improves appearance but helps with chewing and digesting food. Partial dentures can be made of different types of material - acrylic, chrome or metal or a flexible material called Valplast.

Advantages of dentures

  • Can be used where bone and / or gums have some weakness or are otherwise unsuitable for implants
  • Cost - less expensive than dental implants
  • Better support of facial muscular structure

Disadvantages of dentures

  • Can move around or dislodge a little while eating or speaking
  • Can occasionally be uncomfortable
  • Can take a little while to get used to
  • Need special maintenance and cleaning
  • Generally last 5-7 years and then normally replaced

Implant retained dentures

See our section on implants.

At Caboolture Dental Group we can help you with new dentures as well as repairs to existing dentures. We have a dental laboratory onsite and we have access to our part-time in-house and local dental technicians.

  • New and repairs
  • On-site dental laboratory solely dedicated to our practice
  • In house and local dental technicians used