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Our Team

Meet our team members at Caboolture Dental Group...

Dr Richard French is a partner at the dental practice and joined Caboolture Dental Group in 1980. He has played a large part in the substantial growth of the practice since that time.

Dr Atish Raniga studied at the University of Queensland, where he graduated with his Bachelor of Dental Science degree in 1994.

Dr Mark Wylie BDS graduated from Glasgow University in 2000 with a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree, and worked in private practice in Scotland and throughout the United Kingdom for over three years.

Dr Steve Martin qualified from the University of Dundee, in Scotland in 2000. Since then he has gained experience working in both a hospital and practice setting in the UK and in Australia. 

Dr Melanie Wood graduated from the University of Glasgow in the UK in 2000 and then spent two years working in remote communities in Scotland.

Dr Evan Munns graduated from the University of Queensland in 2003 and joined the team at Caboolture Dental Group immediately after finishing his studies, having previously worked as a qualified dental technician for nine years

Dr Hausler- graduated from the University of Sydney in 2006 and joined the Caboolture Dental Group in 2008.

Dr Kerry Martin graduated from Dundee University, Scotland in 2000. She has worked in both hospital and community settings. However, the majority of her working career has been in private practice.
Dr Munir Mayat graduated from the University of Pretoria (South Africa) in 2001 and joined the team at Caboolture Dental Group in 2011. 

Dr Kaveh Babaei completed his Bachelor of Oral Health in Dental Science/ Master of Dentistry at Griffith University.

Dr Kare Lin graduated from the University of Queensland in 2017 and spent three years working in Central Australia before joining Caboolture Dental Group.

Dr Rishil Raniga completed his Bachelor of Dental Surgery at James Cook University, Cairns.

Glenda Fuge joined the team at Caboolture Dental Group in 1989 after training as a dental assistant in a practice in Collins Street, Melbourne.

Alison Pulham graduated from Charles Sturt University in 2017 as an Oral Health Therapist, and regularly attends courses to update her skills and knowledge to continue providing the best of care for her patients.